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You can zip, protect, manage, and transfer files with ease using WinZip, a one-stop file manager. You have quick access to this tool and can use it to connect to OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox.

In addition to zipping and unzipping files, WinZip is a go-to zip application that transforms PDFs, adds watermarks, manages archives, secures files, and interfaces with cloud services. Given that its initial release was in 1991, it is among the oldest file compression tools. One of the most reliable methods for working with zipped files, it has a number of functions, and it’s simple to use.

WinZip for Windows Latest Version 2023

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WinZip Supports Many Additional Archive File Formats

WinZip does a lot more than zip and unzip files. It also supports many additional archive file formats that are readily available on the web. In addition to ZIP, it works with TAW, CAB, RAR, 7z, LZH, ARJ, and BHZ. It even allows you to add government-level encryption to protect documents.
You can rest assured that this old program is still relevant, considering that it recently surpassed its billion download number. The interface is even more modern, though it’s simple and functional.

Integration of clouds

As long as you are logged in, creating a zip file from files in cloud accounts is simple. These files will be downloaded by WinZip, which will then concentrate on all aspects of zip production internally. A message box letting you know how much space you’ve saved through compression will appear after you’re done.

Both uploading a ZIP file to a cloud account and posting it to social media is simple. You can concurrently post it to Facebook and Twitter or only one of them. WinZip’s own cloud storage is where the files are uploaded, and you’ll get a URL to share them. Your followers will be taken to a straightforward download page on zipshare.com when they click the link on one of your pages.

WinZip Compress files and share them online

Although there are numerous ways to transfer data, including disc drives, portable storage devices, and even multiple cloud services, WinZip manages to keep one step ahead of its rivals by providing complete support for sharing; hence, the first file menu’s name, unzip/share.

The application’s wide range of tools make it appropriate for both professional and home settings. Drag and drop and the integrated context menu entry both allow you to add files to prepare them for compression.

WinZip Interface

The primary user interface of WinZip resembles products from the Microsoft Office suite. It features a ribbon control bar that is simple to use. Although you have the option to return to the standard WinZip interface, it is contemporary and stylish. You can even use themes to decorate the software.

You may encrypt documents, resize photographs, apply a watermark, and convert to a PDF under the first menu item, Create, on the control bar. Also, a button for your cloud services will be visible, allowing you to generate zip files from from your online Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive storage.

At the top of the app window, you’ll find small quick-access buttons used to create a new ZIP file, open an existing file, or send it to an online storage service. You can save the files in an archive or zip and email them. All context menus are fully configurable, so you can make choices just by looking at the WinZip commands.


Although WinZip is the first programme of its kind, 7-Zip 64 Bit, WinRAR 32-bit, and BandZip are among of its rivals. That stated, the most feature-rich and user-friendly archiving tool is the most recent version of WinZip. Comparatively speaking, it is quicker, more complete, and has the best security protections.

The ability to extract ZIP files is already incorporated into many of today’s operating systems. WinZip is far quicker than its rivals, especially the programmes that are already installed on your computer. Additionally, it provides cloud integration and unmatched encryption. No other compression tool is as user-friendly and productivity-enhancing.

WinZip Features

  • Combine PDF features:
  • Switch Easily between Zip and Zipx:
  • Enjoy Extended Enterprise cloud support
  • Easy access to Background Tools
  • Combine Multiple PDF files into One PDF
  • Easy access to Background Tools
  • Drag and Drop “Add to Zip” in WinZip Files Pane:
  • Sign new and existing PDF files:
  • Direct Access Technology for faster display and unzipping
  • Update contents of a Zip file to match the source:
  • Prompt to unzip on open:
  • Unzip to file pane folder
  • Search Files faster
  • Unzip to file pane folder
  • Faster startup performance:
  • Pin Favorites in the Files Pane:
  • POSIX TAR support:
  • Replace Zip Files with their Content:
  • Create a split Zip file from Explorer:
  • Create Backup Jobs from Explorer:
  • Device-friendly interface:

WinZip for Windows Latest Version 2023

Technical Detail

Title:                                      WinZip for Windows
Requirements:                     Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10,Windows 11,Windows Vista
Language:                            English
Available languages:          English,Czech,Danish,German,Spanish,Finnish,French,Italian

License:                               Trial version
Latest update:                    March 2023
Author:                                 WinZip Computing Inc

How To download?

  1. Simply click on the download button.
  2. When prompted to allow installation, click “yes”.
  3. Follow the instructions provided to complete the setup and installation process.

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