The top 7 WhatsApp features that have been available since 2023 and that you should be aware of are provided below.

Which of the new features that Meta has added to WhatsApp in 2023 are the greatest ones? And no, we are not referring about the features that WhatsApp Beta is constantly receiving updates for. We are discussing the very finest features that are currently included in WhatsApp’s stable release. We’ve put together a list of the top 7 features that have been available since 2023 that you must be understanding of.

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Edit messages

Like Telegram, you can now edit sent WhatsApp messages, mainly to fix an error or edit your message. To do this, tap and hold on the message you want to edit. Now select the Edit option from the three dots menu on the top right. Make changes to the text and hit the “Mark” option to finalize the changes. Note, you can only edit the text within the first 15 minutes, and there will be a modified tag below the modified message.

Dedicated video recording mode

Earlier, users had to press the shutter button in the camera section of WhatsApp to record a video directly from the app. But now, with a dedicated video recording mode, there is an entirely separate button that lets you record videos.

WhatsApp Voice status

We all know how to use WhatsApp voice messaging. However, did you know that you may now designate voicemails as status updates? It’s very easy. Select the “pencil” icon located at the bottom of WhatsApp’s “Status” tab. Tap the “microphone” icon on the following screen to begin recording your voice message for up to 30 seconds.

Status link previews

It may now add a preview image by retrieving the thumbnail or featured image from the URL when you submit a link as your status. The benefit of this feature is that when someone clicks on your link, they will be able to understand its context by looking at the thumbnail.

Share high-quality photos

Until recently, sending a photo as a document was the only option if you wanted to share a high-quality photo with someone on WhatsApp. Okay, not any longer. Simply navigate the Settings, select Storage and Data, and select “Best quality” for the Photo Upload quality under Media Upload Quality. By doing so, you can share photographs on WhatsApp in the finest quality possible without having to rely on the “sending photo as document” feature.

WhatsApp Chat lock

Another wonderful alternative that has been long overdue is chat lock. Up until this point, the only options for hiding chats were to archive them or lock WhatsApp. Now, though, WhatsApp chats can be individually locked. You can accomplish this by going to the profile information page of any chat contact you want to lock. The ‘Chat lock’ option can then be found by scrolling down. Enable “Lock this chat with fingerprint” on the following screen, authenticate, and you’re done.

Same WhatsApp, Multiple devices

We may now utilize the same WhatsApp account across various devices, according to it, after years of waiting. Therefore, using the feature is quite similar to using WhatsApp Web. Consider that you wish to run WhatsApp on a separate phone. All you have to do is that. Simply download app to the new device, then hit the three dots in the top-right corner to choose Link to existing account while you are on the screen asking for your phone number. Then, using your primary phone to scan the QR code, you can use two cellphones to use the same WhatsApp account. Additionally, you can use four separate devices at once, which is quite cool and practical.

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