Beginners’ video editor

Movavi Video Editor is the perfect tool to bring your creative ideas to life and share them with the world. Enhance your videos with special effects, keyframe animations, and pre-made intros. Apply Chroma Key to easily change the background of your clips to anything you want. Try the new, improved user interface – so simple, there’s nothing to learn. Enjoy lightning-fast file processing and rendering.Movavi Video Editor doesn’t bury its extensive features under a bevy of tabs and menus. You have everything you need right there, ready to support your creative endeavors.

Movavi video Editor For Pc [2023]

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Tidy and uncomplicated UI

On your Windows computer, you can use a simple UI with a grey theme once you download Movavi Video Editor. The layout is divided into three parts: the timeline, the control panel, and the video player. While the video player can be used to preview your work, the control panel has numerous choices that allow you to import or export files, apply effects, make transitions, include text, and use specialized editing tools.

The tool’s workspace, or timeline, is located at the bottom and is further separated into four sections: video, audio, overlays, and effects. Around 100 different video and audio tracks can be supported by this sliding timeline, all of which can be divided to provide a more comprehensive view of your project. The main features including Edit, File, and Playback are located on the taskbar at the top of the page, along with a Help option.

Movavi video Editor Upload video and audio files

With It Upload audio and video files in any widely used format, including AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, and WMA. Transmit video or photo recordings from your camera to your PC. as an an an an an an a. a. a. a. a. Record your voice using a microphone and camera. Include images or other graphic assets. Get the most recent version of Movavi Video Editor Plus right now!

Make your videos amazing.

Make your movies stand out by adding amazing “Hollywood” effects. Chroma Key can take your friends to another planet while Slow Motion gives your video a “Matrix”-like effect. Video Editor is more quickly than ever before! With to the new multimedia engine and support for Intel® HD Graphics technology, editing and exporting video can be done quickly. With just one click, you can instantly reverse any video or audio clip. This allows you to produce breath-taking reverse videos that appear to be magic tricks.

Combination of effects

Transitions, effects, and filters are also included in the comprehensive movie maker. Furthermore, any of it is easy to apply. Simply drag and drop your chosen effects or filters onto the timeline’s preferred location. By selecting the Apply to All icon from the context menu after right-clicking, you can apply them to the whole timeline. Users should be aware that these filters are merely templates. Simple tweaks can be made, but they cannot be changed.

Like other video editors, MVE provides all the fundamental features you would require to improve your clips. You can trim or crop videos, change the colors, rotate different parts of them, add slow motion, and more. The program offers beat detection, noise suppression, and distortion effects for audio editing. A slideshow function has been added in more recent iterations of this video software. With this, you may give slideshow videos animation.

Direct upload to TikTok Youtube

Join the For Your page this fall by sharing directly to TikTok. Directly from the app, upload your sunny videos to get a ton of views and likes much faster! Put your imagination to work! In addition to the 5 new frames, we’ll give you a cost-free special pack of YouTube effects because we love you. Use them in your upcoming smash!

Movavi video Editor straightforward editor

Overall, Movavi Video Editor is a simple and straightforward video editing program. The program includes a wide range of special effects to give your films a stunning appearance. Also, it is easy to use, so you can edit your movie without having to go through a learning curve. It does not give that many advanced features to suit professionals. Yet, this program will be perfect for you if you’re a novice or casual video creator.


  • integrated media
    Use the Video Editor library’s video clips, backgrounds, tunes, and sound effects.
  • stabilization of video
    Eliminate motion blunders without compromising the general video quality.
  • Photo inside Photo
    assemble several videos on a single screen.
  • tools for editing audio
    Apply special effects, normalize audio, remove noise, and adjust audio frequency.
  • webcam recording
    Make videos with your webcam.
  • surpass detection
    Automatically identify audio rhythm to match the project’s tempo.
  • recording of audio
    Use a microphone to record your own narration and musical instrument sounds.
  • superior performance
    With to support for Intel® hardware acceleration, editing and exporting videos may be done instantly.
  • Montage Magician

Movavi video Editor For Pc [2023]

How To Download?

  1. Please uninstall any existing versions if there are any.
  2. Disable security measures.
  3. Turn on network connectivity now.
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  5. Next, launch the setup after opening the ZIP file.
  6. Choose a destination folder as well.
  7. Run the crack by opening the folder.
  8. You must choose the program.
  9. similar to the desire to launch the Movavi video editor
  10. Choose it, then press the register button.
  11. The extra edition is now available.

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Technical Detail

Title:                                     Movavi Video Editor for Windows
Requirements:                    Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows 11,Windows XP,

Windows 7,Windows 8.1
Language:                            English
Available languages:         English,Chinese,German,Spanish,French,Italian,

License:                               Free
Latest update:                    Friday, November 4th 2022
Author:                                Movavi

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