Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 Apk is a fun game where you can enjoy some daily challenges and missions. This game has 3D graphics, and you can play the game with real-time strategy. Build your tower and defend the area from attacks with your monkey army. You have to destroy the enemy’s balloons to save your buildings. The more enemies you kill, the more chances you have to win the battle. Enjoy the game for hours, and still, you will get the same suspense and enjoyment. You can choose the difficulty of the levels yourself, which can be easy, medium, or hard.

Bloons TD 6 cost

Take Both mobile and desktop versions of Bloons TD 6 are available; they cost $6.99 USD in mobile stores (down from $4.99 USD) and $13.99 USD in desktop retailers (up from $9.99 USD). An Apple Arcade service is required to play Bloons TD 6+, a special Apple Arcade version. Both the mobile and desktop versions of Bloons TD 6 will cost more starting on August 18, 2022 (as stated in the Version 32.0 patch notes). The mobile version will cost $2 USD more, and the desktop version will cost $4 USD more. support to the next level.

Build towers to break balloons

The graphics in the latest installment of this series are substantially superior to those in earlier ones. As soon as you begin playing, you can tell that more work has gone into the animation and coloring. In comparison to 5, it is brighter, and the special effects are really alluring. The game’s 3-D design makes for more exciting gameplay, which is the best part.

The RAM requirements for this game are high. Your phone can lag if you’re playing on an outdated version of Android. You can still notice slowness and crashes on newer devices. If you want to play this game for a long period, you can’t have that many apps open at once.

Gameplay and new mechanics

Bloons TD 6’s primary gameplay mechanics are generally the same as those seen in other games in the series. But, the creators have prepared a lot of brand-new gameplay elements and made a lot of modifications to existing games, such as adding new Bloon varieties. For instance, Purple Bloons will not be harmed by fire, plasma, or energy weapons, and Fortified Bloons are, as the name might imply, far more robust than regular. New Bloons have a variety of other characteristics as well. A round-based method is used to present the gameplay. Each round sees an increase in the number of Bloons, making the game more difficult. Players can choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard from the three available options before the game starts. Players can select a sub-mode after choosing a difficulty. The extensive variety of game options significantly broadens the gameplay compared to earlier installments of the series

Best heroes in Bloons TD 6

Let’s discuss some of the top Bloons Tower Defense 6 heroes who have attained the S and A tiers in the ranking:


In Bloons Tower Defense 6, Geraldo is the only hero who can boast of being faultless. He is useful in all game modes and effective against bosses. Geraldo may be used in place of any hero in Bloons Tower Defense 6 due to his adaptable playstyle, but none of the other heroes can.


Adora’s slow leveling is a drawback in Bloons Tower Defense 6, but aside from that, you can wreak havoc with her. She is without a doubt the strongest free-to-play hero in the game and her combination with Ninja and Alchemist is practically unbreakable.


With Benjamin by your side, Bloons Tower Defense 6 medals are simple to earn. This character not only easily defeats bosses but also has the ability to resurrect teammates. Although Benjamin is pricey, you won’t regret spending the money on him because he has several excellent skills.


If not for her limited range, Sauda might have been Bloons Tower Defense 6’s best hero. But, you can make up for it by utilizing villages and alchemy bonuses.

Screen Shots

Bloons TD 6 apk supper game
Bloons TD 6 apk supper game
Bloons TD 6 apk supper game

Technical Detail

Technical Detail
Title:Bloons TD 6 35.2 for Android
Requirements:Android 9.0
Available languages:English, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Korean, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese,
Danish, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Chinese
Latest update:Thursday, April 2023

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