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Any type of document can be read aloud by Balabolka since it utilizes the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) to turn text into speech. Your text-to-speech output can be saved as an MP3 or WAV file because it supports a broad variety of audio formats.

There are several online tutorials available to guide you through the software, which can be a little challenging at first. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find it simple to produce audio files that convert text to speech in high-quality.

You can’t go wrong with Balabolka if you’re seeking for the greatest free text-to-speech software for your PC. It’s easy and clear to use, and getting started is simple. Simply enter the text you wish to translate, choose the voice you wish to employ, and press the “Speak” button.

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What is Google Text-To-Speech?

First of all, we try to know What is Google Text-To-Speech?

There is a “Listen” button in Google Translate that turns text into speech. The MP3 file is downloaded by a browser once you click this button. The service can transform texts up to 100 symbols in length into speech. It enables us to break up long texts into manageable chunks, turn each chunk into an audio file, and then combine the audio files (WAV, MP3, and OGG formats are supported).

An excellent text-to-speech program!

The platform has a number of modifications and improvements that are intended to enhance the clarity, articulation, and general caliber of the speech that is produced. Balabolka uses Microsoft Anna by default to turn text files into audio files. The software can use VBScript to check for spelling problems using Microsoft Voice functionality. It allows the tool to be interoperable with several internet spell checkers. Most text-to-speech software lacks the ability to operate with TTS voice and pitch, but Balabolka does. The most recent version includes Windows 8 compatibility and German language support.

Is there a maximum word count for speech synthesis?

The maximum size of the temporary WAV file used by Balabolka for text-to-speech processing is 4GB. The sample rates, bit resolution, and channel count affect the audio file’s maximum length. It is advised that you divide lengthy documents into smaller chunks.

Optional setups for Balabolka

Open the app and make any necessary customizations. It gives you the option to select the text’s color as well as its font, size, and style. Modify the color that the app uses to highlight the text that it is currently reading. To set a different color for the backdrop, select “background color.” To see the results of your modifications, use the preview screen on the left.

file formats, many voice choices, and more!

One of the most excellent free text-to-speech programs is Balabolka, which offers the quality and adaptability of a platform that costs money or requires a subscription. The program generates high-quality voice with a variety of setting choices, unlike ReadPlease and TextAloud. In addition, the settings menu offers a number of choices that you can select from to enhance the clarity and playback quality.

Features of Balabolka

  • supports skins that let you change the way your window looks.
  • A translation of the Russian word “Balabolka” is “chatterer.”
  • The software supports text-to-speech engines from the Microsoft Speech Platform as well as SAPI 4. x and 5. x voices.
  • Commercial TTS engines are available for purchase if you want better speech quality.
  • Use Hunspell to check your spelling
  • can use the language checker in Microsoft Office 97 and 2000.
  • enables the usage of the operating system’s built-in spell checker

Balabolka has advanced features

You may quickly change the platform’s skins, colors, and fonts with Balabolka. You may discover a variety of tools for file splitting, batch file conversions, and other operations in the ‘Tools’ menu. If the language used in the text doesn’t satisfy you, a “Panel of Dictionaries” is available to check for meanings, misspellings, and other problems.

You can convert, store, and extract clips while using Balabolka, as well as bookmark specific areas of the program. Even though the program is simple to use, you can find answers to your questions and resolve any doubts in the “Help” file. After you launch the application, it’s worthwhile to look around the interface to see all of Balabolka’s configuration options. This can be helpful for a variety of activities, including managing files and converting documents.

Balabolka Pros:

Use the free text-to-speech (TTS) tool Balabolka to turn written text into spoken words. Balabolka has some advantages, including:

  1. Features that make content more accessible: Balabolka can be useful for people who struggle to read or have vision problems because it can speak written material, facilitating information access.
  2. Wide range of supported file types: Balabolka is simple to use with a range of documents since it supports a wide range of file types, including TXT, DOC, PDF, EPUB, and HTML.
  3. Voice selections that can be customized: Balabolka offers a variety of voices that users can pick from, and they can also download more voices if they’d like. The program also gives users the option to customize the voice’s pitch and tempo.
  4. Batch conversion: Balabolka enables users to convert numerous files simultaneously, which can save time for people who need to convert a lot of documents.
  5. Balabolka is able to run immediately from a USB drive without the need for installation because it is a portable program. Because of this, users will find it handy.

Balabolka Cons:

While Balabolka has many useful features, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider:

  1. Balabolka offers a limited number of editing capabilities and is mostly intended for turning written content into spoken words. Users find it difficult to simply edit the text or formatting in the program.
  2. Although Balabolka supports many different languages, some of them might not have as many voices or features as others. Additionally, some users might discover that some words are not always correctly pronounced.
  3. Despite its ability to produce high-quality audio, Balabolka’s sound quality could not be as good as that of other high-end text-to-speech programs. The output may contain some distortion or other audio artifacts that users may hear.
  4. Balabolka, like many software applications, may gather information about users and how they use it. Before using the programme, users should be informed of the privacy policy and terms of use.
  5. Resource-intensive: Balabolka can use a lot of resources, especially when processing many of small files at once. On older or less powerful computers, this could result in some slowdown or freezing.

How to download Balabolka voices?

  1. Visit the Microsoft website to download the Text-to-Speech (TTS) Voices for the Microsoft Speech Platform.
  2. Install the voices on your PC after downloading them.
  3. Open Balabolka, then select “Options” from the menu.
  4. Click on the “Change” button under the “Text-to-Speech” tab.

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System detail

Title: Balabolka for Windows

Requirements: Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8

Language: English

Available languages: English, Arabic, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian,

Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

License: FreeLatest

update: Saturday, May 01st, 2023

Author: Ilya Morozov


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